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Fantastic, Green

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Discover "Fantastic," a rechargeable portable fan designed for your desk or coffee table. This fan operates in absolute silence and features three levels of wind speed, offering customizable cooling. With a 360-degree rotation capability, you can direct the breeze precisely where you need it. Experience a refreshing escape on hot summer days like never before. Select from Green, Cerise, or Petroleum to match your style.

The box includes a Micro USB cable.

Product Information

Battery Time
Low running time: 3.5 hours
Medium running time: 2 hours
Max running time: 1 hour
Charging time: 3 hours
Rated Power: 5.5 Wh


Material: ABS and PP
Height: 7,87 in
Width: 7,87 in
Depth: 2,6 in
Weight: 0.9 lbs


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Fantastic, Green
Fantastic, Green
Fantastic, Green
Fantastic, Green
Fantastic, Green Fantastic, Green